iTeach: Planning, teaching and monitoring with iPads

Here are the Prezi slides and handouts from the iTeach: Planning, teaching and monitoring with iPads   session that was presented at the TESOL Arabia Conference in Dubai on 14.03.2013. The session included a presentation of Apps teachers can use to plan their lessons, create workflows, present content and share resources. Please visit join the Edmodo group by using the group code  8tp2rh to leave feedback and share which other Apps you use for these purposes.

Click to download: Session handout. TESOL Arabia 2013. Sevhan Acar Hammudeh

Comic Life for Workflows and Story-Telling

Comic Life is a paid ($4.99) Photo Comic Creation App. As much great as it can be for students to create photo comic and use it for story-telling, it is also great for teachers to create workflows and classroom instruction guides. Below is a sample workflow we created and used for the theme ‘ best friends’. You can see the detailed lesson plan here. The visuals, embedded speech bubbles and step by step instructions help teachers to plan their lessons and create step by step guides and instructions for students. The finished product can be saved to camera roll as jpeg, e-mailed directly from within the App as a Pdf, copied on WebDav or opened in a different App, such as Edmodo or eBackpack. We would highly recommend the Comic Life App.

Workflow on ComicLife