Lesson Plan: My Best Friend

Here is an integrated skills, step by step lesson plan/workflow created using Comic Life about ‘my best friend’:

1. Practice vocabulary on describing people (appearance and personality adjectives) on Spelling City

2. Read about my friend Antonia (Headway Beginner, Unit 4) and answer the questions on Edmodo (teacher created quiz on Edmodo)

3. Follow the link on Edmodo and listen to the teacher-created podcast on ‘my good friend Claire’ on Audioboo.

4. Log on to Socrative teacher App and answer the questions about podcast on ‘my good friend Claire’.

5. Plan to write about your best friend. Brainstorm on Popplet.

6. Embed your Popplet mindmap in Pages and write about your best friend. Save your paragraph in eBackpack.

7. Read your paragraph out loud and record your voice in iFiles. Copy the recording to eBackpack for your  teacher and classmates to listen.