Edmodo is our App choice for communicating with students. Having explored multiple free Apps which could help us have an ‘online classroom’ where we could post information about classes and exams, share resources, links, audio and video files, hold discussions, have real-time assessment, give and get feedback, we decided to use the Edmodo App. With its clean, attractive interface on iPad and iPhone, Edmodo is a great choice for tablet and android users.

Sharing resources and contributing to discussions

Students can easily join an Edmodo class through a group code generated by Edmodo, and the teacher does not need to send an email invite. Edmodo allows teachers to manage multiple classes under one account. Resources/polls/quizzes posted on our class can easily be shared on different classes, which is a great time saver for teachers.There is also an option to collaborate with other teachers and this is wonderful for teachers sharing classes.

Awarding digital badges to students

The gamification element is another feature that we love about Edmodo. It allows teachers to create and award digital badges to students. We have found this to be incredibly motivating for our students.

Question breakdown

Real-time assessment feature of Edmodo is its another strength. Students have the chance to get instantaneous feedback on their multiple-choice quizzes. The teacher then has the opportunity to view students’ results and a question breakdown which helps her decide which questions to revise, which subjects to revisit or which students to give additional support to. The smiley feature also helps both parties receive instantaneous feedback.  Both teachers and students are asked to choose a smiley to express their feeling about assessments  on Edmodo and add comments where necessary.

Please also check our sample workflows on Edmodo here.