Nearpod: Teacher and Student Apps


Nearpod Teacher and Nearpod Student Apps are free Apps that enable teachers to create and share interactive presentations and control the flow of the lesson. Before using the App, the teachers should create a Nearpod account and ‘create’ interactive presentations on the Nearpod website from their desktop computers or laptops as new presentations cannot be created using the teacher App. Nearpod website allows teachers to add audio, video, pictures, text (Pdf), polls and quizzes.

Once the presentation is created, teachers can download the Nearpod Teacher App  to share content and manage the flow of the lesson by choosing the slides to be released to students. Through the Nearpod Teacher App, the teachers have the chance to control their students’ iPad screens. Students, on the other hand, log in to Nearpod Student App which will allow them to receive multimedia content shared by the teacher and engage in the activities by answering questions or drawing on their screens. The teacher App also allows the teacher to view students’ answers real-time and share students’ responses and drawings with the whole class.

The fact that students can view and interact with the content on their iPad rather than viewing it on the projector makes Nearpod App favorable. The immediate feedback feature is also great. We would recommend you to try Nearpod for interactive and engaging lessons!

Nearpod Teacher App – Screenshot on iPad


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