iFiles: Managing, creating and sharing files on an iPad

Two of the biggest challenges teachers face in using iPads is the management of multiple accounts and sharing files with other teachers and students. These challenges stem from the fact that iPad has no built in file structure or file browser like a desktop computer or laptop. iFiles is an App that presents solutions to these two challenges. It is described by Apple Store as ‘a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and many more for iPad, iPhone and iTouch’. iFiles not only allows users to manage multiple accounts under one umbrella and browse for files that are located in different accounts, but also create content within the App on the iPad. iFiles enables teachers to:

Manage multiple accounts, including WebDav connections to college portal and shared drives, BB mobile, eBackpack, Googledocs, SugarSync and many more.

Share files with other faculty members and students easily through a WebDav connection, direct e-mailing, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Move a file from one account to another (eg. from personal dropbox to shared college portal) easily within the iFiles App without having to sign in and out of different accounts.

Create new voice recording, folder, text file or photo directly from within iFiles App.

Zip/ unzip Manage multiple formats (iWorks: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, HTML, images: jpg, audio and movies: MP3, M4A and many more).

iWorks Apps all have the built-in function of saving directly to iFiles, without having to create WebDav connections.

Manage shared and private folders.

Set a pass code for private files and folders. Customize folders and files by changing their icons, labels and names.

Sort files and folders by title, kind, date and size.

Air Print documents.

Open documents in other Apps with one tap.

iFiles is a paid App that costs £2.49 in Apple Store, but it is one App I would recommend all teachers teaching through iPads to invest in and use in order to manage, create and share files and folders on iPads.



This review first appeared in Perspectives Volume 19 No.3 produced by TESOL Arabia and was published here with their permission.

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